Brian Orser Routines



 Montreal Olympics Theme
(aka CTV News Theme)
 by the Salsoul Orchestra on Magic Journey

1979-1980   At the Copa / ?? / Les Preludes
by Barry Manilow.
Les Preludes is the symphonic poem by Franz Liszt

1980-1981   See This Routine   In The Stone
 by Earth Wind and Fire
Live & Let Die
1981-1982  Fame
See This Routine  America 
by Neil Diamond
1982-1983   See This Routine See This Routine 

Hello Again


1983-1984 See This Routine See This Routine  Dear Father
by Neil Diamond 
1984-1985   Cats
King Of Kings
by the Salsoul Orchestra on Magic Journey.
Ave Maria
 by Pavarotti
Choreo: Uschi Keszler
Choreo: Uschi
1985-1986   Hungarian Dance No. 6
1986-1987 Sing Sing Sing
The Bolt

Routine 1

Routine 2

Routine 3


Music: by Billy Ocean on Greatest Hits
Choreographer: Uschi Keszler
Debuted: 1987
Story Of My Life
Music: by Neil Diamond on Headed For The Future.
Choreographer: [v1] Uschi Keszler; [v2] David Wilson
Debuted: [v1] Barrie Club Carnival (1987); [v2] Skate the Nation (1997)
Program Type: (v1) Exhibition
1987-1988 See This Routine 


See This Routine


1989 Navigation By Numbers
Choreographer: Uschi
Debuted: 1989