Pattern Dance Descriptions & Charts


Click on the links below to view step charts, patterns and additional information.

* In Communication #2179, the ISU announced that new pattern dances were being added to their list. This is likely in tandem with their decision to relabel the novice international events as basic novice, intermediate novice and advanced novice.

Dance Level Description Pattern Video Sample
14-Step Pre-Sliver View 


American Waltz Silver View  View View
Argentine Tango Gold View  View   View 
Austrian Waltz International   View   View 
Blues Pre-Gold View  View  View
Canasta Tango * Preliminary   View  View
Cha Cha Pre-Bronze   View   View 
Cha Cha Congelado International View    View  View
Dutch Waltz * Preliminary   View   View 
European Waltz Pre-Silver View View   View 
Fiesta Tango * Pre-Bronze   View  View 
Finnstep International View View   View 
Foxtrot Pre-Silver View  View   View 
Golden Waltz International View  View   View 
Hicory Hoedown Bronze   View   View 
Kilian Pre-Gold View  View   View 
Maple Leaf March (under development by ISU)   View    View 
Midnight Blues International View  View   View 
Paso Doble  Pre-Gold View  View  View
Quickstep  Gold View  View  View
Ravensburger Waltz  International View  View  View
Rhumba  International View  View  View
Rhumba d’Amor (under development by ISU)   View     
Rocker Foxtrot  Silver View  View   View 
Rhythm Blues *  Preliminary   View   View 
Silver Samba  International View  View   View 
Starlight Waltz  Pre-Gold View  View   View 
Swing Dance *  Pre-Bronze   View   View 
Tango  Silver View   View   View 
Tango Romantica International View View  View
Tea-Time Foxtrot (under development by ISU)   View  View  View
Ten-Fox  ??   View   View
Viennese Waltz  Gold View  View   View
Westminster Waltz  Gold View  View   View
Willow Waltz *  Bronze    View   View
Yankee Polka  International View  View   View
European Waltz